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Doing together what has not been thought of Prof. de Ridder: “At the end of 2019, there was an article in the leading scientific journal Nature that said: the best scientific progress is achieved through collaboration between scientific disciplines. You already see more and more cooperation between the ENT doctor, audiologist, neurologist and psychiatrist. But this way you still start from health care. TinnitusHouse wants to ask the patient himself: what does help you? Then you get "crowd knowledge", just as crowdfunding was created."

Broad cooperation "The idea behind Tinnitus House is cooperation between everyone who tries to help to solve the problem of tinnitus: researchers (TU Delft, Braininnovations foundation), care providers, fundraisers (Tinnitusfree, Gaby Olthuis foundation), people who inform (Hoormij · NVVS) and patients."

"Tinnitus House would like to find answers to questions such as: do you suffer from tinnitus, what complaints, in which environment, what do you benefit from?" This allows us to identify risk factors and solutions that have not yet been considered. a hundred people indicate that - I just mention what - carrot juice works, that is reason for further research. too little for further research. We are looking for common denominators in order to be able to give people tips that suit their type of ringing in the ears or environmental characteristics. "

The above text comes from an interview with Prof. dr. Dirk de Ridder published in 2020 by the Hoormij Foundation.  The entire interview can be downloaded here (Dutch only)    

Partners in Tinnitus House

St. Braininnovations

Brain Innovations was founded as a joint venture to integrate the very rapid new developments in brain research and technology to create new treatments for untreatable diseases. 
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TU Delft

The mission of the Section Bioelectronics is to provide technology for the successful monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of cortical, neural, cardiac and muscular disorders by means of electroceuticals.
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Hoormij Foundation

The Hoormij Foundation aims to promote the individual and collective interests and to promote the well-being of people with hearing disorders and language development disorders, as well as their family and their caregivers 
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The Tinnitufree Foundation aims to raise money for research, treatments and medicines for those who suffer from ringing in their ears (from demonstrable and unknowable reasons). 
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Gaby Olthuis Stichting

The Gaby Olthuis Fund Foundation aims to stimulate research into the causes and treatment methods of tinnitus by formulating specific research questions, selecting the most suitable research institute and raising funds for research. 
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Advisory Board Tinnitus House

Prof. dr. F.E. ( Freek ) Hoebeek, Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Developmental Origins of Disease (NIDOD), Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht,

Ass. prof. Dr.Ir. C.( Christos ) Strydis,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam

Prof. dr, S.K. ( Bas ) Koekkoek,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University Rotterdam

Prof. dr. ( J.J.G. ) Gerard Borst,  Neuroscience Erasmus MC University

Dr. Ir. Marijn van Dongen, NXP semiconductors, Nijmegen,

Drs. ( H.E. ) Bart Drost,  KNO, Bravis Ziekenhuis Bergen op Zoom

Drs. ( V. ) Vishtaseb Akbarkhanzadeh , psychiater te Amsterdam

Members of the Tinnitus House Working Group

Prof. dr. Dirk De Ridder, neurochirurg te Gent.

ass. prof. (E.M.) Eddy van der Velden translationeel onderzoeker.

Prof.dr.ir. Wouter Serdijn, Technische Universiteit Delft (LinkedIn).

drs. Joop van Gent, Language Technologist, CEO Irion Technologies, (LinkedIn)

Phillip Storey, PSF medical Rotterdam (LinkedIn)

Ron Woering, Epona Consultancy Baarn (LinkedIn)

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